• cotton

    Cotton is probably the most popular fabric in the world. Its popularity has been going on for many centuries.
      I can not imagine life without cotton fabrics which are sewn T-shirts, bedding, clothing,
    curtains and many, many other things everyday using .In  our store, we offer a wide selection of  cotton fabrics in different designs and colors.

  • Cotton mix
  • polyester fabric
  • bamboo fabric

    Bamboo fabric, in addition to aesthetic values, has important functional and health properties.Thanks to the specific structure of bamboo fiber,bamboo fabric absorbs moisture three times better than cotton fabric
    The bamboo fabric has great properties: it is anti-static, does not accumulate dust or dust mites,
    additionally has bactericidal and antifungal properties, it is a great solution for allergy sufferers.

    The bamboo fabric is fully biodegradable and undergoes natural decomposition. All this makes bamboo one of the most environmentally friendly natural fibers.

  • linen fabric

    Linen fabric is very popular due to mechanical damage, dirt resistance. Also, this type of fabric it is an ecological material, obtained from the cultivation of plants. The linen fabric is perfect for allergy sufferers , also it has many other features, as:

    -high moisture absorption


    - aeration

    - high resistance to stretching.

  • viscose
  • wool fabric
  • silk fabric

    What is silk fabric? Silk fabrics were already in ancient China. Silk, or more precisely silk fiber, is made from the cocoons of the silkworm. For this reason, an additional silk device was not simple or cheap. For over two thousand years, China had a monopoly in silk production. Currently, silk is one of the most desired textile materials in the world. Because of its functional properties, it is luxurious and versatile. Silk fabric is characterized by a shine, but it can be found in mulberry silk as, georgettes, chiffons, and crepes. Silk is usually available, loose and airy, but there are also high-weight silks in jacquard, decorative or upholstery fabrics. Silks in the clothing fabrics category include primarily blouse and dress fabrics, as well as wedding fabrics. Silk material was mainly used for sewing light clothing, such as dresses, blouses, and clothes. The store also offers types of silk that can be used to make recently fashionable accessories (hair throw caps, silk scrunchies, sleeping blindfolds). Washing is carried out in case of residues that are in the composition of the material. We recommend washing it with delicate detergents typical for silk. It is best to dry flat and iron with a cotton cloth at room temperature. Mulberry silk is available on our website in various colors, patterns, and species. 

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