We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of zips . It is a very extensive section covering three major product groups: spiral zips, chunky and metal, among which we distinguish another, smaller categories.   This division was based on the method of application and technical characteristics of that range. The first category define, among others Distribution and decorative zip , non open end zip, open ended zip, invisible zip with lace designed more for  evening garments or medium-heavy in the form of blouses, jumpers and skirts. In turn, ankle zippers: two-sided and double-slide zips are used in sport garments . the jackets, hoodies (also made ​​of fleece fabric).  Zips are the perfect decoration with glitter - for the exclusive garment: evening and carnival. The last section of metal zippers are successfully used in the jeanswear available in nickel-plated, oxidized, brass.   Supplementing the offer is tape and so-called sliders.  and zip pulls. Mention must also be that the range is available in a rich and interesting colors and different variants . You will find more information by visiting the next sections in our online store.


  • Chunky zips

    Chunky zip are often colled 'Tooth' zip. Consists of INDIVIDUAL teeth that are moulded onto the zip tape. Touhg solid zip for straight runs, and around curves on the flat plane. Chunky zips are often used for coats , jackets , jumpers , bags , dresses . Individual teeth can be broken or dislodged by abuse.Here you can find chunky zips , which are used for jackets, bags, jackets, jumpers. Chunky zip features a large, clear tooth, making it more powerful than an ordinary plasticzip .These zips are available in version of the separating and non separating. These zips  we have in different sizes: 3, 5 and 8

  • Metal zips

    Metal zips - these zippers are used for jackets, coats, trousers, skirts .Currently, they are used not only for clothing, shoes and handbags. They are used also as an interesting, modern jewelery. Metal zips in our offer we have invisible zippers in separating and non separating version also in diffrent thicknesses and various types of metal teeth: silver, gold, brass

  • invisible zip

    The Invisible zip is recently used in dressmaking . It appeared quite recently in tailoring but soon became indispensable.Its advantage is that as the name suggests is hidden, invisible and thus very aesthetic, which is very useful in an elegant tailoring . In our offer we have a wide selection of concealed zip of different lengths . We have also open ended invisible zips , perfect for corsets and tops .

  • zip slider
    In the category ZIP SLIDER, you will find a large selection of different types of sliders for different types of zips. For zip type as coil zips in sizes 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 , for chunky zips, waterproof zip, and heavy-duty zips. In our offer, we are also available zip pulls. Just buy the zips by the meter, which is also available in our store. To let you create a new zip or fix a broken one. In Hab&Fab online store, you will also find advice on how to replace the slider in a zip.
  • zip parts
  • zips by color
  • reversible zips
  • skirt- dresses -...
  • two-way zip

    Double slider zipper, zipped up from top and bottom appeared on the market only recently and is becoming more popular. That type of zip is very convenient for long coats, sleeping bags, tents, and other appliances specialistic and for everyday garments. Two-way zips are available in many types and sizes. Nylon zips, chunky, metal, or waterproof, all are available in this two-way version. In the shop, we try to stock a range of two-way zips

  • waterproof zips

    Waterproof zips are very modern type of zips that is used very often in sportswear and outdoor clothing. That type of  zip has a good water resistance, so it is used very often in waterproof jackets. The zip  tape  is slightly rubberized ,in  Hi-tech type . On the top surface of the zip  it is flat, like concealed zip .

  • coil zip

    You can find here coil zip . This type of zips  are very popular ,  great for coats, jackets, dresses, skirts , trousers , bags, tents and many other applications. These plastic zips are available in version of the non separating or open ended zips . They are available in many different sizes :3#  5# 8# 10#

  • continuous zip

    Zips by the metre are very often used instead of ready-made zips , is cheaper, you can precisely adjust its size. It is particularly useful for bedding, sleeping bags , cushions , tents , bags. Simply select the appropriate slider and we ourselves make your own zip we need . In our shop you can find several types of zips by the metre in different widths and colors.

  • jeans zip

    A jeans zip refers to a zipper that is found on the front of jeans, typically used to fasten and secure the pants closed. The zip allows for ease of wearing and removal of jeans, making it a convenient feature in this popular type of clothing. Jeans zips are usually closed-end metal zips in size #3 or #4, they are available in a range of teeth and tape colors

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