Jersey fabric

Jersey fabric is ideal for all kinds of clothing. We can make of jersey fabric practically everything, dresses, skirts, pants, underwear, bags, pillows . Clothing of this type of fabric is very comfortable  almost as a second skin. In our offer we have different types of jersey fabrics in different types and thicknesses .

Jersey fabric in Hab&Fab online store - wide selection and high quality!


  • Sweatshirt jersey fabric
  • single jersey

    Single jersey fabrics are very popular, they are produced in many styles and variations. They are made of each fiber, from polyester to silk. This type of fabric is much finer than French terry jersey. It is very delicate, flexible, thin, and airy. It ensures product durability, flexibility, and crease resistance. Thanks to this, it is willingly used in the production of many products.

  • Jersey knit

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