• cords&ropes
  • Threads
  • dressmaking accessories
  • fastenings
  • embellishments

    Thanks to embellishments , each garment takes on the color and brilliance. Sequins, Paillettes,
    Rhinestones, changing clothes in the amazing creations full of glamor and class. In our offer you can find very
    a large selection of different kinds of ornaments for clothing, sequin art, scrapbooking and cardmaking.

  • motifs and elements
  • trims & ribbons
  • bag accessories
  • corsetry
  • Piping cord

    Piping cord is very important addition for dressmaking , upholstery  and for many other projects . In Our online shop You can find many types of fabric piping cord . We have satin piping , cotton , brocade , decorative rope , all in variety of colors. 

  • bias binding

    Bias binding indisputably is a sewing essential , It makes easy many of dressmaking or crafting jobs . It also improves the aesthetic value of the projects and gives them a professional character. In  Hab& Fab offer You can find many types of bias binding at good prices.

  • tape& webbing
  • repair patches
  • fringing & tassels

    Fringes and tassels are one of the most spectacular trends in clothing and home decor projects. They can be found in many clothes and accessories also. By adding some fringing, the look changes spectacularly, this extra gives an outstanding luxury look.

    The history of fringes dates back to the 20th century. last century. When in 1920 the American constitution gave women the right to vote, revolutionary changes began in the world, which also affected fashion. An extraordinary influence on the development of this trend had designers such as Chanel, Vionnet, Lanvin and Molyneux presenting a cut that was groundbreaking at that time, i.e. loose dresses with straps, often decorated with delicate fringes. The next wave of fringe popularity came in the 1950s, when Westerns were all the rage. However, the title of timeless, fringes gained only thanks to the hippie style and the sexual revolution of flower children in the 70s of the last century.

    In our shop, you will find a full range of fringing in different colors, types and compositions

  • elastic

    Dressmaking elastic is a type of elastic that is specifically designed for sewing and creating garments. It is commonly used in the waistbands, sleeves, or cuffs of clothing to provide stretch and comfort. Dressmaking elastic comes in various widths, colors, and stretch levels, allowing sewers to choose the best option based on their project's needs. It is a versatile tool in dressmaking, ensuring that garments have a secure and flexible fit.

  • interfacing

    Dressmaking interfacing is a material used to provide structure, support, and stability to certain areas of garment construction. It is typically placed between the layers of fabric, such as collars, cuffs, or waistbands, to reinforce them and prevent stretching or sagging. Interfacing can be sewn or fused onto the fabric, depending on the desired effect and fabric type. It comes in various weights and types, allowing dressmakers to choose the most suitable one for their specific project. Interfacings are available in a range of thicknesses, colors, and types, they are woven, and non-woven. We have to always consider type of the interfacing for a specific project. In our shop, we have a range of quality interfacings.

  • wadding& batting

    Wadding( Batting) is necessary to patchwork and quilting to create an extra volume layer. Which wadding to use for a specific project? Everything depends on personal prefferences. Some quilters prefer cotton, bamboo or wool waddings to work with because they are natural products, but they will shrink slightly (which may be the desired effect). Polyester wadding will not shrink and is suited to projects that are washed regularly. A mixed blend wadding can offer the benefits of both types in a better price.

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