That type of zip is often called a Spiral or Nylon zip. That type of zip consists of continuous 'coils' of nylon sewn onto both 'tape' sides of the zip. A coil zip is more flexible and smoother to run than a chunky zip. These individual coils can 'kink' or fold over if the zip slider is forced. When this coil kinking happens it is very hard to reshape the coil back to its original shape. That type of zip is great for coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, bags, tents, and many other applications. these zips in tents are irreplaceable. They function very well around corners on both curve planes. Often used on suitcases and curved tent doors. These plastic zips are available in versions of non-separating or open-ended zips. They are available in many different sizes :3#,  5#, 7#, 8#, 10#


                                                                CHUNKY ZIP

Chunky zip is often called a molded zip. Consists of individual teeth that are molded onto the zip tape. Tough solid zip for straight runs, and around curves on the flat plane. Individual teeth can be broken or dislodged by abuse. Chunky zip features a large, plastic tooth, making it more powerful than an ordinary plastic zip. Often used for coats, jackets, jumpers, bags, dresses, and tents.These zips are available in versions of separating and non-separating ( e.g. pocket zips) These zips  you can find in different sizes: chunky#3chunky#5, and 8


                                                               INVISIBLE ZIP

The invisible zip called also concealed zip is a very delicate zip specially designed so that it is the least visible after sewing in. The zip is made from a special mesh ( or woven tape)  tape that is soft on top of a flat, and easy to bend. For attaching invisible zip we need a special machine foot. By its nature, this type of zip is often used where the zip should not be visible at all. Invisible zips are used for dresses, blouses, tops, trousers, and skirts, but also in its open-ended version used for corsets and even jackets. Concealed zip are manufactured in size 3 and stronger version size 5 ( often used for bridal dresses or  other projects which need stronger but hidden fastening)


                                                   WATERPROOF ZIPS

Waterproof zip has been developed recently, it is a very modern, futuristic type of zip. It is made of special material, slightly rubberized, high-sheen. The top surface of the zip is smooth, we can say that it is a concealed zip, because it has the same construction of tape. This makes it resistant to the ingress of water on the inside. This feature is used by producers of sportswear and expertise. It is used for outdoor jackets, and sports jerseys, which are used in extreme conditions. In addition, these zips are used in wetsuits.


Waterproof zips are manufactured in a size #3, #5, #7

and they are available in closed-end versions ( pockets) and open-ended versions for coats and other types of garment

Also, you can find this zip in two way version too


                                                          METAL ZIPS

 Metal zip is a strong and highly aesthetic zip. It is made of tape of material (often cotton) and metal teeth. They are made of metal zips of different colors. They are available in nickel, antique brass, brass, gold, and metal gun color. These zips are manufactured in different thicknesses of teeth in sizes #3, #4, #5, #8, and #10. Metal zips are produced in the version open and closed end. Metal zips are used in various kinds of garments. Closed-endmetal zips are used for jean trousers and in finer versions for dresses. Open-end metal zippers are used in jackets, jackets, blouses, skirts, bags, dresses, and leather clothing.

Metal zips are also available in two-way versions.


                           TWO WAY ZIP

The two-way zip is a very comfortable, modern type of zip. It can be opened from the top and from the bottom. It is produced in a zipper coil version, chunky, metal, and waterproof. On the tape of the zip, there are two sliders, we can accurately adjust to open the zip from both sides. The two-way zip is also available in a variety of thicknesses: size #3 - used for sheets, pillowcases, and bags, to the extent of #5 to various kinds of garments, bags, and upholstery. Larger sizes #8 and #10 are used for the production of tents, suitcases, and specialized tasks.


                                               CONTINUOUS ZIPS

Continuous zip is very often used instead of ready-made zips, are cheaper, and you can precisely adjust their size. It comes in a long length, as the zip on a roll, which can be cut to the required size. It is designed to be non-openable on one or both ends by fitting. Continuous zips are available virtually from every type of zip: metal, plastic, and chunky, they are also available in different sizes depending on what kind of zip we need. For the bedding, the tent, bag, suitcase, or upholstery. We set the required length, adjust the sliders and we have finished the zip. We can make one slider zip or double-ended zip. Zips by the meter are very comfortable with the big production.

This type of zip is available in sizes; #3, #5, #8, #10