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Fringes and tassels are one of the most spectacular trends in clothing and home decor projects. They can be found in many clothes and accessories also. By adding some fringing, the look changes spectacularly, this extra gives an outstanding luxury look.

The history of fringes dates back to the 20th century. last century. When in 1920 the American constitution gave women the right to vote, revolutionary changes began in the world, which also affected fashion. An extraordinary influence on the development of this trend had designers such as Chanel, Vionnet, Lanvin and Molyneux presenting a cut that was groundbreaking at that time, i.e. loose dresses with straps, often decorated with delicate fringes. The next wave of fringe popularity came in the 1950s, when Westerns were all the rage. However, the title of timeless, fringes gained only thanks to the hippie style and the sexual revolution of flower children in the 70s of the last century.

In our shop, you will find a full range of fringing in different colors, types and compositions

Fringing & Tassels , bullion fringing, tassel trim, cut fringing


  • Bullion fringing

    Bullion fringing is characterized by twisted fibers that form a kind of loop at the end, these fringes are otherwise called loop fringes. This type of fringe is very often used for flags, furniture, curtains, and uniforms of all kinds. They are available in various thicknesses, colors, and thicknesses

  • cut fringing

    This type of fringing is applied to many types of projects, from dressmaking to upholstery. The and of this fringing is hot cut, it prevents tangling and twisting, and they can be brushed. This type of fringing also looks perfect as cushion covers finish

  • tassels

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